XClio Godspeed Two Advanced case good quality?

Hi all, I am busy gethering parts for a PC build and have started to keep an eye out for the Scan Today only deals, one of the cases they have on there is only £22 and looks fairly good but I know little about it so hoped someone may be able to let me know if it is good quality or not


I was also tempted by the XClio A380color which is £48 at the moment though it is a full case so rather large


The overall system will be holding either AMD 955 or an i5 2500k (depends on the flexibility of the budget) and OCing will be likely, the case down to £22 looked like it would be good but I have little info on it. Would I be better of just sticking with the tried and tested Antec 300 (so dull!)

Any input would be great, the deals change at 1pm (its 10am right now)

Onto other parts of the build, my other main query is the PSU, I want a 650W PSU that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, anyone know any UK sites selling a decent PSU for a good price?
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  1. Thanks for the list, I have the HAF 912 myself and it is a nice case though quite expensive.
    The Casecom is a nice case though you only get one fan. The Coolermaster would be great but comes with no fans, certainly in comparison the XClio looks pretty good especially at only £22 (£15 off at the moment)

    The Antec is the PSU I have been eyeng up, I just hoped their may have been a good alternative at a lesser price (optimistic I know)
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