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Hi guys, just wanted to ask whether anyone else had the same problem as me. When i try to oc my 5850's the screens actually flicker a lot. Is this normal? I also asked the guys at xfx support (both cards are xfx) and they said I had to disable overdrive. If anyone could share anything, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. pls post your pc spec
    your PSU , CPU , motherboard etc.....
  2. thanks and sorry, here are the specs:

    cpu: amd phenom ii 965 (oc to 3.8)
    mobo: asus m4a79xtd evo (8x xfire)
    psu: hec cougar 700w (2 rails with 30A each)
    cpu cooler: thermaltake frio
    ram: cfd elixir (9-9-9-24 1.5v)
    hdds: seagate 7200.12 500gb
    samsung hd103si
    case: lancool dragon lord pc k62
    fans: 5 yate loons

    think thats all there is.
  3. What app , you over clock with ?
  4. Well before I used afterburner with 1 card. i was able to pull off 900/1150 w/o applying more voltage since its locked on my card. When I added the 2nd card, whenever I tried afterburner it would just lockup and automatically restart. When I used ati's overdrive, even if i adjust it to 730mhz it starts flickering.
  5. its could be the psu cant handle both cards overclocked !!
    but try atitool from here
  6. you really think it could be the psu? Thanks for the link, ill try it now.
  7. nope their not enough , it depends on the res he playing with ;)
  8. using the xfire with eyefinity actually. I was doing fine with the single card but just couldn't help myself and bought me another 5850.

    edit: the overclocking part is just the assurance that I can do it if i ever need to do it. You know, its like having a fast sports car and driving it at 90 on the freeway. You know you can go faster but you don't, its just that if you ever need to you know you can. Hope i made sense. XD

    edit edit: tried ati tool but I'm getting the kernel error thingy. Running win 7 64 bit.
  9. Quote:
    Which game will stress it?

    Crysis , metro 2033 ,far cry 2 etc....
  10. Quote:
    Your psu is not good.Buy a decent 600watt from coolermaster,corsair ect.

    600 W not enough for HD 5850 on xfire beside he want to overclock them both !!!
  11. Quote:
    My single 5850 rips through Fc2,metro,crysis at max setting.Metro is unoptimised along with crysis.

    can you tell me what resolution , and what about da AA , were opened eih ?!
  12. So you guys really think its the psu huh. It is 700w bronze rating though. Couldn't find actual review on it. But I guess upgrading the psu wouldn't be too bad of an idea. Its just that i just bought the damn thing a few months ago. hahahaha. XD
  13. Quote:
    Donot comment if you have zero ideas about psu and power consumption.A system with 2 5850 and i7 975 consumes about 478 watt.


    oh and that would be me ,,,, HE WANT TO OVERCLOCK THEM Beside 600w will Run but for how long ?!!
    Its will be stressed up dah :ouch:
  14. Quote:
    1080p 2xaa farcry2,no aa rest.

    assuming you want AA 16x ??????
  15. Hmm, actually I'm happy with the way things are so far. Just want the assurance that I can oc them and be stable. Know of any other oc tools for gpus? Tried riva tuner and ati tool to no avail.
  16. Hmm so would you suggest i get an 850w psu?
  17. But i currently have a 700w bronze rated psu. Granted there are not much reviews on the cougar. It also has 30A on each of its rails. There are two rails.
  18. Ok, thanks for the heads up. Will be searching for new psu then. Cheers!
  19. Investing on PSU not bad choice either ;)
  20. Just hoped it wasnt that since i just bought the psu a few months ago..XD
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