Window wont start when crossfiring two ATI card


I have a HIS HD4870 512mb, and I just bought an ASUS HD4870 1gb. When I tried to Crossfire them, my window 7 ult won't start. It stop and restart when you see the window logo appear. I tested each cards, and they work fine Individually. Please advice?
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  1. Complete PC specs please.
  2. CPU: AMD2 4800+
    6gb RAM
    Mother Board: MSI K9A Platinum 580X Crossfire
    PSU: 750w crossfire support
    VGA1: HIS HD4870 512mb Core Clock: 750MHz Mem Clock: 900MHz 3.6gb/s
    VGA2: ASUS HD4870 1gb ....Same Clocks
  3. The 750W PSU should be fine in rating, what brand is it?

    Check your BIOS settings once and confirm what is the default graphics driver set. It is weird that your PC doesn't boot.
  4. My PSU is an OCZ I just bought along with the new VGA.

    Well, I checked my BIOS, but I really dont know what should I be looking at? I reset the BIOS, Install each card individually and update their driver. Installed CCC from the CD and even try to update it from ATI main site. Still my window won't boot. Please advice?
  5. Well now I know I could start in safe mode, so I tried the Driver Sweep and cleaned all my ATI driver. But the same thing happened when I try to boot my window normally.
  6. Just wanna make sure. With one GFX card installed, you uninstalled the video drivers, cleaned the registry of any driver remnants, turned off the machine, installed the two cards, tried to boot and no go ? Are both cards running at same clock speeds ?
  7. I would suggest having your 1gb card as the main with the 512 as secondary. Seems to be a problem with the ram like different latency values.
  8. I tried all of the above but no go! Yes they hav the same clock speed and mem! And my 1gb is the main one! But some how when I reinstall the bios n update it, its work now! Thx for everything guys, I learned alot! But my screen is flickering, I wonder where is that came from?
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