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I bought this graphics card from my friend for $30, who had just upgraded to a new model for world of warcraft. After installing it everything was fine for awhile, but then my screen turned off. The only way i could fix it was restarting the pc. Then a few hours later it happened again...and then again an hour later...After taking the card out everything is fine on my onboard graphics card, so i know its not the monitor. Anyway to find out whats going on here? My friend will refund my money if he has to, but we would both prefer that not to happen, because he likes money, and i probably wont find such a cheap card again.
my psu is a 430 watt, that i bought when i bought the card..and im using windows 7 if that matters. Thanks
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  1. Did you change anything before the problem happend? such as drivers etc? and also have you left the monitor plugged into your on board graphics chip to make sure it's not the monitor? Sometimes when the invertor board on a monitor starts to go faulty the monitor will turn its self off.
  2. I tried installing it once before with my 250 watt psu, and things weren't working right. So i took it out, and im pretty sure i uninstalled the drivers, but not 100% sure. And as i said it works fine on my onboard graphics card, which i've been using since i took out the other card.
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