Is there compatible ram for 533

I have just purchased an Intel Celeron D 2.8gh 533mhz with 512MB ram I want to up grade this so I have either 1x 2GB or 2x 1GB sticks. Apparently 533mhz sticks are rare to get and I was wondering is there anything compatible?
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  1. ok
    if i recall without looking up exact specs
    I believe that it uses PC2100 DDR 266mhz,PC2700 333mhz DDR or possilbly PC3200 DDR
    double check crucial memory website (google)
    I like their memory finder
    usually all three would be compatible with each other
    would want to run in matching pairs if possible (2 x 1gb)

    One issue is that older ram is WAY overpriced
    If ebay is available then probably best choice
    or craigslist which would be cheapest but with no return policy obviously

    I just bought ram off of craigslist
    seller nice enough to let me bring my tower and set up and test

    the way you listed specs makes me believe that the Celly D is 533mhz Front Side Bus
    which the fsb would not be speed of ram
    usually speed of ram is approx half of fsb as general rule

    if you are referring to 533mhz ram that would be pc4200 ddr2-533
    usually compatible on most motherboards with DDR2 667 and DDR2 800
    with DDR2800 being best choice

    If you pull memory stick currently in tower they almost always are labled

    if it is a OEM factory tower then you can check crucial or oem website for specs

    newer ram like DDR2-800 will be cheaper than older and better performance wise

    DDR2 and DDR are not interchangeable

    sorry if this post is rambling
    it is late at night where I am at
  2. Hi king smp, i just bought this computer from a government auction the only details i can give you at the moment are;
    Intel Celeron D Processor 335J (256K Cache, 2.80 GHz, 533 MHz FSB)

    I'm wanting to turn it into a media centre
  3. okay going by those stats
    it is ddr and pc2100 266 or pc2700 333 or pc3200
    really pc3200 would be fine in this situation
    though i would have to research before recommend buying it

    more than likely need unbuffered non ecc ram standard ram
    it is 184pin
    shame of it is I have many sticks laying around ( i refurb older towers for cheap
    browser/email/beginners computers)

    i would avoid spending more than $30 USD for pair of 1gbs
    buying used where you can test first and get real cheap is best bet
    check your local computer repair shops (not stores) and those guys
    will almost give them away

    when you get tower open up and look at sticks
    almost always labeled
    stick to same CL number (usually 2.5 or 3 with this speed)
    try to stick to same timings
    search wikipedia for "timings" for explanation
  4. apparently i can upgrade the processor to a P4 3.4ghz. Ive had a local store check this out and they have said that i can put a p4 775 3.4ghz with 2gb.

    does this sound right to you?
  5. WRONG

    intel specs

    socket 478 NOT LGA775

    there is a P4 3.4 socket 478
    I wouldnt use it
    rather have P4 3.2 Extreme Edition 3.2 S478
    because much more common and cheaper
    no performance difference

    Need to know mobo model number and chipset to
    verify compatiblity

    avoid that computer shop like the plague
    if they are giving you that advice
    30 seconds on Google I knew that was wrong
  6. especially need to know if motherboard supports
    800mhz FSB
    crucial to using better CPU
  7. hi king. thanks for the help. i really appreciate it.

    Ive pulled the ram out and this is what is on it;
    512MB UNB PC2-4300 CL4

    Does this help with my earlier question?

    Or do you still need more info?
  8. LGA775

    Intel Desktop Board D945GTP, D945PLM

  9. Wait a second. Maybe he has this one (very similar). You showed Celeron 335. This one Celeron 336. Check socket number!
  10. joshvanderkolk said:

    Intel Desktop Board D945GTP, D945PLM


    Hey Looksd like you have 336, not 335
    Then you was given the right advise the first time. You probably can put p4 775 3.4ghz with 2gb.
  11. I was completely WRONG
    disregard my info

    this is spec sheet from intel for cpu

    this is spec sheet from intel for supported cpus

    that shop was right it can support highend Pentium 4 EE and also Pentium D 8xx and 9xx processors

    that shop was right
    I apologize for wrong info

    here is link to stores selling ram,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=38c9f64a46705065
    you are exactly right it is hard to find

    DDR2-667 PC2-5300 would be compatible
    and much easier to find and also a little faster

    here is link to 945gtp specs

    here is link to Intel support page for board

    the specs sheet says it will handle

    you could put a Pentium D 9xx series dual core in there
    but they are generally overpriced and run hot so
    if you can find a really cheap deal and your cooling is good enough
    for the Pentium D that would be fastet

    if you have a cheap deal through that shop for the Pentium 4 3.4
    then that would be fine as a basic HTPC rig

    Sorry again
  12. I didn't realize there were any S478 Celeron Ds. He also said it used 533MHz ram, which is DDR2, not DDR1 like S478 used. Finally, his last post says 945 chipset, which is a DDR2 and not DDR1. The OP should be able to buy any DDR2-533, 667, or 800 MHz ram and it should work. Not 100% guarantee, so make sure you know the stores return policy.
  13. don't apologise mate. its my fault for not having all the details in the first place.

    thanks heaps for the help guys. :)
  14. 4745454b said:
    I didn't realize there were any S478 Celeron Ds. He also said it used 533MHz ram, which is DDR2, not DDR1 like S478 used. Finally, his last post says 945 chipset, which is a DDR2 and not DDR1. The OP should be able to buy any DDR2-533, 667, or 800 MHz ram and it should work. Not 100% guarantee, so make sure you know the stores return policy.

    Yea I realized that and corrected my info

    I was wrong

    the intel specs for mobo posted in my other post
    list DDr2-667 as fastest supported in that Intel board

    I am up on this computer until 5 or 6 am (insomniac)
    and at about 5 am I should stop giving advice :)
  15. LOL. I'm on this until about 8am, but I work nights...
  16. I work from home and make my schedule

    one thing is the wife,kid and dog are sleeping
    so alot less distractions
  17. My celeron d 3.06Mhz handles Xp media center ok with only 1Gb of ram. It can get bogged down thou. This is running a std def tv. I'm not sure how well it would work with BluRay.
  18. Hi guys. got another question for. I've found this Intel Pentium D 945 3.4GHz 800MHz 2x2MB Socket 775 Dual core and I know by looking at the mother board specs that it can handle it. Is this excessive for a media centre?
  19. no not at all
    I had that same exact CPU
    It is decent enough
    it was just a little less powerul than my C2D E4300 1.8
    I would just worry about heat
    The pentium Ds ran hot
    as long as you have a good HSF cooling setup then
    you would be fine
  20. any good suggestions for fans?
  21. I think this is good
    it is a zalman that fits 775/1155/1156 so it could be used for newer builds later
    also is on the quieter side
    it is normally 54.99
    but 32.99 after MIR

    there are plenty of other options
    I would try to get one that is designed for more than the LGA775 socket
    so it could be reused down the road
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