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what is normal or good FPS rate for any game to play.
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  1. Depends, some people like 30-40, some people like 60+

    For me persoanlly, anything 40+ as this is pretty smooth.
  2. Well for me-
    60 + Nice
    40 + acceptable
  3. It also becomes very noticable in fast action games (like a traditional FPS Shooter) as opposed to an RPG where you tend to walk around instead of turboing around corners trying to kill stuff at all times. my rule is 50+ for FPS and 30+ for MMO/RPG
  4. Also depends on how consistem the frame rate is.
  5. 30 FPS is considered the "Magic number" by most reviewers. In truth it varies from game to game as already said. If your looking at review sites be aware that they use top end hardware, so unless you are as well you can expect less performance than what is reported in the charts. Personally i look for 40-50 in most games.

    Mactronix :)
  6. ok guys, but one more question. how to determine at what FPS the game is running. i mean how to measure FPS in any game. any software out there.
  7. Some games have commands to check the frames per second. You can also use 3rd party software like FRAPS.
  8. Fraps is nice for monitoring, the program also doesn't use up all resources.
    its quite light-
  9. ok thanks. lets close the chapter
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