New Build HUGE issues : Help Please

So I'm building a pc for a friend.
Build List :

MOBO + Proc
G card

+ 2 HD's prom original system that crashed (IDE HD's).....

The gist is this, he is an old guy. Doesnt want to relearn a new windows. Wants to keep ALL of his files / data. I was just gona to do a HD swap, new parts since his old system is dead, use orignal HD / OS.

Builds built, I'm going to start windows, it splashes to the windows logo to load XP and it restarts. Thoughts / help ? Formating not an option. Also I have the HD's loaded as Cable select using pins / jumper settings..
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  1. Boot from WIndows XP CD, install WinXP on top of itself....
  2. mdd1963 said:
    Boot from WIndows XP CD, install WinXP on top of itself....

    Yeah, this should fix it. I'm not completely sure but It sounds like it's not booting in to windows because of the chipset drivers that are currently installed.
  3. Yeah--you need to install the correct chipset drivers. Also, you should back-up his data before trying to repair the Windows XP installation.
  4. Hey folks I may be incorrect here but I have heard many times that it is basically impossible to run XP on modern machines (1156/1155/AM3/DDR3) due to hardware driver incompatibilities.
  5. Thnx for the help. I'm going to image his HD on another PC and back it up. Then I'm going to re-install windows xp on top of it. Hopefully that should work.

    Any recommendations on software to clone / create an image of the HD ?
  6. NM, Norton Ghost. Thnx, off to work.
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