A very annoying problem

I have a Nvidia gtx 460 and a samsung bx2250 (1920 x 1080) HDMI. The problem I have is that when I play games on full resolution and high settings, my computer starts making a straight beep sound and then it crashes. Sorry i'm a noob when it comes to hardware and any help would be appreciated in diagnosing this problem.

Oh and I have a phenom hexacore, 660w power supply, and 4GB RAM.
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  1. It might be an overheating problem, though kinda unlikely. What type of case do you have?
  2. Do you mean a long continuous Beep sound ? If so check the Aux power connection going into the video card and make sure it is connected fully -- a continuous beep sound is usually a sign of the card not getting the power it needs for 3d mode (the card can get enough power from the PCI-e slot to run in 2d mode but needs the extra power from the plug to run games and other 3d apps)
  3. @ragingmercenary

    I'm not sure if its a heating problem, the GPU temp reaches at max 75C. Do cases really matter? Sorry Im a noob. But anyway it has two exhausts to it.


    Its a long continuous beeping sound but its a straight beep. Could it be a power issue? The connection is tight. Is 660w enough?
  4. 660w is enough depending on how they rated that PSU. Cheaper manufacturers rate their psu's at peak power, not continuous and may do their testing at low temperatures, if they test at all, botching the 660w rating. What brand and model is the PSU? It is either a heat or power related issue. If the card only reaches 75 degrees, that is ok. CPU temps?
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