Vostro 200 will not start

I could hear a fan running high speed on my dell Vostro 200, had black screen. held power on off until computer shut down. now I push switch, computer will not start?
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  1. Next time that happens with any pc, I would simply unplug the power supply cord. All you can try is to reset the board bios. Remove the board battery for a few seconds, and replace. Or move the cmos jumper over one position for a few seconds with the power supply unplugged, then return to it's original position. Good luck.
  2. I'll try, Thanks! I have been told by several that my motherboard is toast. I purchased another computer and if above will not work I will upgrade motherboard to 64 bit and better (cooler ) Intel chip. I will look at Dell to see what is available first.
  3. You can probably use another brand of micro-atx motherboard, but your dell operating system may not work on a non-dell motherboard. At the very least, you'll have to reinstall windows. Some dell windows cd's work with other brands of motherboards. You'll just have to try it.
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