Is it worth it to get a 9800gt for PhysX

I have the opportunity to get a 9800gt Zotac Synergy Edition 1gb and I want to run it as a dedicated PhysX card along with my XFX HD 4890.

Is it worth it? I can get it for a relatively cheap price.

Thanks in advance
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  1. i think that GT240 is good enough for dedicated PhysX.
  2. How much is relatively cheap?
  3. Well I live in South Africa and I can get it for R700.. A new one costs R1100 +
  4. Depends if you play the Physx engined games like Mafia 2, Batman AA etc..

    Not sure what R700 equates to in $ or £ but it would help, but for R700 is upto you..

    I havent found any benchmarks for a scenario with a 9800GT dedicated Physx, but to be honest, i havent fully committed to it.. yet
  5. I think I'm definitely going for it and just by the way R700 ~ under $100.
  6. Ok, to me its a touch and go situation.. But others maybe more Inclined to bite the bullet and go for it, but i have 2x GTX470 and wouldnt see a massive improvement wit a 9800GT as a dedicated Physx card (From what ive seen/been told)

    With your system however, you'll likely see major improvements over mine in terms of FPS/Quality/Physx
  7. Thanks for your input and kudos to your 2x GTX470 system!
  8. I just realized that that my motherboard only has a total of 16 Pci-e lanes. Does this mean that it'll be divided into 8x and 8x (8x for HD 4890 and 8x for 9800gt)? And if so, would I notice a bottleneck with the 4890 only being able to use 8 lanes?
  9. I not 100% sure on this, but i think the performance difference between 16x and 8x is about 5%?? I dont know weather if this is just based on SLI scaling, or weather this is based on all cards in lanes..
  10. Thanks, but regardless of the verdict I will go ahead and buy the card.
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