Anyone have experience with wireless HD video?

Hi gang,

I'm in the process of building a dual-purpose desktop and HTPC machine. So far, the build is going great. Thank you all for your invaluable help. I've got a few more small hurdles to really make this build super-sweet!

For starters, my intent is to put the HTPC box in my A/V closet along with my other A/V components (don't worry... closet is actively ventilated). The HTPC will need to send one video signal to the stereo receiver (and then out to the home theater TV). And it will need to send another video signal to the PC monitor in my office (about 15 feet away with a wall in-between). In other words, one signal for HTPC and one signal for desktop.

The question is: how do I best get the signal from the video card to the desktop monitor? The traditional way is to run about 20 feet of DVI cable through the walls and attic. I want to avoid that if possible. I've been reading about uncompressed HD video signals being sent wirelessly using something like:

Anyone have any experience with these or can someone recommend a better product/solution?


P.S. - my board is an ASUS p8p67 with the built-in BT, so keyboard and mouse will be handled that way. I'm also open to suggestions on this aspect.
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  1. I should add that if I have to go the "traditional route" (running cables), I suspect I'll be doing displayport instead of DVI-D. I didn't think about the soundbar on the monitor.
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