OMG so what is faulty? Mobo or psu?

So yesterday I had computer lockup problems thinking its the SSD. Now Bios wont boot at all. Nothing works. NO BEEPS either. Just stressed tested my computer while it was working. No problems cpu was maxed and ram was half maxed. Am in the process of swapping out ram, but highly doubt that is it though.

Antec 850 Watt 1.5 years old, with a current maximum power draw of 350 watts.
1055t no oc
5850 no oc
7 fans
2 hdd
1 ssd
fan controler
sound card xi-fi

I think its the mobo, because it locked up randomly and froze and wouldnt find the ssd until it was unplugged. Now nothing works and everything powers up. Will be back in 30 mins to check for answers before heading to the store. Im at the apartment business center.

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  1. So its not the mobo? Im home and on 1 stick of ram. Would the ram really cause the computer to freeze and not find the ssd. Than prevent the bios to load? testing each individual stick with orthos.

    Tested and stressed all sticks of ram individually, stressed the gpu and cpu. Took everything out. Am supposed to be crossfiring that 5850 tonight when I get it in the mail.

    When the computer was left unplugged for 15 minutes the bios reset because the battery is a dud. Could that be it? Surely not? Everything was and still is plugged in GOOD. Seeing if the error will replicate when I finish dling BF3.
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