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I'm having a problem with my system but I haven't a clue as to what it is. Google no longer retains my personal webpage, or, the generic webpage will appear and will then change to my personal one. I can't save the changes to my personal Google site. My security system, can't renew my subscription. Any ideas?
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  1. Yup, malware. You got a virus. See here for detailed instructions on how to remove it/them:

    P.S. Why did you title your thread "Windows Vista chat groups"? :heink:
  2. also why is it in this section? :s
  3. how do i find my new external cd drive on my laptop its not coming up in my computer
  4. Make sure it's plugged in and has power, and that you've read the manual and installed any drivers that it needs, etc. Please also provide the brand and model of your laptop and external CD drive.

    Report back once you've done that. Lastly, why on earth did you post in this old thread?
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