Possible Sandy Bridge Build - Dumb Idea?

Here's my unusual circumstance.

My current PC is: i5 750, 4x2gb Corsair Ram, Gigabyte P55 UD3 Mobo, EVGA GT 240.

To cut to the chase...I have been planning to build an HTPC with an i3, etc. That was before Sandy Bridge came out.

Now i'm thinking I'll upgrade my main PC to a Sandy Bridge build (i7 2600k, nice mobo, etc.) and migrate my i5 750, RAM, and possibly mobo to build my HTPC.

There is of course an incremental cost associated with all this but that's fine for me. I just want to ask the experts here if that is a stupid idea!

Thanks in advance for any input...
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  1. Go for it! (I have no idea:))
  2. Sounds like a sound idea to me, go for i5 2500K though the i7 is only worth it if you need hyperthreading for rendering
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