For gaming is it important to have a good GPU as well as a good procesoor, or will a good GPU suffice?????
Please advice......
Thanks in advance.......
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  1. There are a lot of factors to consider, but yes, you need a good CPU as well. A slow processor will not allow your GPU to perform to its full potential.
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    Balance is the key. If you have a fast CPU but a slow GPU, then your CPU is stuck waiting for your GPU to render a frame before it can begin work on the next one. If you have a fast GPU and a slow CPU then it's your GPU waiting to receive data from your CPU before it can do anything.
  3. It depends on what resolution your gaming at.

    If your gaming at a low resolution, the load is mostly on the cpu.

    If your gaming at a high resolution, the load is mostly on the gpu.
  4. Thanx guys for the help............
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