Galaxy Gtx 460 SC

How good does thing card preform against the other 460 models, and other cards
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  1. Apparently, it's a little noisy for a 460, but is a great performer.

    "The Galaxy offering is a fair bit nosier than a lot of our other offerings. From the second we turned the system on we could tell it was more audible even at idle."

    "We can see that overall the Galaxy GTX 460 is now the fastest card we've tested to date. It doesn't come as much of a surprise since we're dealing with an 810MHz core. What's scary, though, is that the card doesn't sit all that far behind the GTX 470 Golden Sample from Gainward which comes pre-overclocked. This model really is a monster."

    "First the bad; the cooler is a little loud for my liking and while we're dealing with more high end performance, it's still a mid range card. Now for the good. Well, that's easy; everything else! - Performance on the model is stronger than the strongest we've seen and really, performance isn't all that far away from a GTX 470 which costs significantly more."
  2. thanks Matt0
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