Hey, i upgraded my old GTX275 to the GTX480 and im wondering before it comes what power supply is recommended to run it also, the size of the card is it longer then the 275?

Many thanks also is that card suitable for my rig or do i need better parts to prevent bottleneck

Intel i7 870 2.93Ghz @ 4Ghz
Corsair Dominator GT 2133Mhz
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD5
500W OCZ PSU :(
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  1. I'd recommend a good 650w or higher. Here is a good one if your low on cash:

    10% off with AN10 promo code.
  2. GeForce GTX 480
    On your average system the card requires you to have a 600 Watt power supply unit (more if you overclock). We recommend at least 40 Amps in total available on the +12 volts rails (accumulated).
  3. +1

    600W w/ 40A on 12V rails. It isn't a hippy's card. (hope that doesn't offend anyone)
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