Upgrade (Mobo/CPU/RAM/PSU/VIDEO) for <=$275

Hey there!

Exciting, since I cannot afford to build myself a computer, but my friend's computer died on him a few days ago and we can't get it to reliably work... Plus he wants a bit faster computer anway.

So the parts that we are going to re-use:

HDD (Samsung 320gb)
Monitor (1440x900)

Everything look good?

I had the Corsair Builder Series 430w PSU in there, but realizing that this is a basic computer with no real power consumption going on, little to no gaming at all, I think a 300w 80+ Bronze PSU should be enough?


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  1. Just thought to try a PSU calculator, and using


    Inputting my data without overclocking (he won't overclock), Minimum wattage: 259W.

    So I think a high quality 80+ bronze 300W CPU is enough?
  2. should be OK, but you might try the 350 just to be safe

    One note: $5 more will get you the AS Rock 880GM motherboard, a much more modern chipset
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