HD 5770 problem

i bought a full system 4 months ago
have been getting random BSOD,
most of the time only during a long period of computer rest,like after the destop is turned off overnight and i use it early at the morning(most of the time like this),

i tried memtest,HDD tool,linx and prime 95 stress test,all come back with no error,
check disc,sfc/scannow tried,no problem.

i am using windows 7,
my full system spec is :

asrock h55-le,
inter core i3,
radeon HD5770,
seagate 500GB,
PSU 400w.

the reason i suspect it is graphic card driver because once i my computer crashed after i installed graphic card driver,

now i am using 10.10,jz had a crashed few minute ago when restarting my computer.
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  1. If you suspect it is your graphics drivers I have found Driver Sweeper to be useful. Just download it here and do as it instructs. http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/

    Then download the latest drivers from the ATI site and try that. I've had flaky drivers before from ATI that don't install correctly. It's a good place to start.

    just curious what 400W psu do you have.
  2. the PSU brand is DNS,
    it is the brand of the local computer company where i bought my system.

    i alway delete my system with driversweeper b4 installing a new one,
    i jz installed the 10.11

    will see how it goes.
  3. Sound like a junk generic unit and you may have to swap it out with a quality name brand unit from Antec or a other company of choice.
  4. so is the PSU suppected to be cause?
  5. A name brand 400-450W psu (the specs for most models call for a 450 or 500w) would probably be OK but a no-name unit would be suspect -- it probably can not provide enough stable wattage to keep the system running under load (even though the 5770 is not the highest wattage card it does need a good stable source of power)
  6. I would agree the power supply could be suspect. What are the ratings on it, specifically 12V ratings. Does it have a 6 pin or do they use an adapter for that power to the card? Not enough power can cause a crash.
  7. how to see the rating??
    open my destop or jz check it in the control panel?

    anyhow my bro have ATI radeon HD 4850,will it require less power?will consider to swap with him
  8. if not enought power will cause the crash,
    but during heavy usage of the computer i dun have any problem at all,
    i alway play game for 5-6 per day and sometime up to whole day when weekend,
    the crash only happen when startup
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