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How do I know vhich video card to buy for a motherboard?
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  1. Make sure it has a PCI-E x16 slot on the motherboard. Then get a video card to fit your needs. Are you a gamer? Use it for video and multimedia? Or just general desktop use? Then start looking at a card that fits your needs and ensure you have a power supply that fits the requirements of the card.

    If its an older motherboard it may not have PCI-E it may have AGP, which would limit you to older cards. It may also not have either, in which case it should have onboard graphics.
  2. I am trying to put an ATI_HD96_256M card onto an ASUS motherboard but it wont fit into the slot
  3. We need more info here, tell us your FULL specs: CPU, Motherboard(with no. series or model), RAM, Power Supply Unit, Monitor, Operating System, Budget?
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