New Setup with BSOD "irql not less or equal"

Hey guys, i have a new system i just finis building but i keep getting a random "irql not less or equal" or "page in non page area" or something like that, now its not freaquent it could be from an hour to a day now my ram is pass ram test 86 so its not that, it has a clean setup of XP and the only things i reused was the ram and 2 hardrives and the cpu, heres the setup, ASRock N68C-S USS, ATI Readon 5770, 2x2 DDR2 ram moduals, i dont know the speed thoe, and a AMD Athlon 64 6000+ Brisbane, it runs everything fast and i can run GTA IV with some intese graphic mods and stuff with 25-30+ fps, so what is it
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  1. That error often is caused by memory errors. Memtest86+ may not detect them, but that doesn't mean that they can't occur. Use CPU-Z (SPD tab) to check what modules are installed. You can use the memory tab to see the current settings.
  2. ok thanks oh and i played gta iv with no bsod for a cuple hours, it only bsod when on youtube for a while
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