Quick opinion !! Used GTX 470 vs GTX 480 $240 vs $320 !!!

Used EVGA GTX 470 , box, reciept, lifetime warranty $240

Used EVGA GTX 480, box no reciept unsure about warranty $320

For the 30% or so price difference I cant decide if its worth it since the performance probably isnt 30% more... my cpu is probably still going to be a bottle neck.

I play 1920x1200 on a 28" (dont think screen size matters) and want all settings on max.

Core 2 duo 2.66
4gb mushkin cs4 Ram
nforce 680i sli board
antec 850W HE Psu
Antec p182 case 4 fans
2 raptor 10k drives

currently with a 9800gtx and it seems to struggle (10f-20 fps) on world of warcraft on all max settings.
i also play cs source, cod4, frozen throne but want to get a dx11 game soon :pt1cable:
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  1. You can get NEW 470's for less than that:


    $249 normally, an extra 10% off from newegg, and a $35 mail in rebate, all said and done and you looking at around $200-220. In any event, in about 2 weeks or so, the GTX 570, and possibly 560 will launch. Might be a good idea to wait till then.
  2. Im in canada as well id like to order but atm im being impatient because i have a buyer for my 9800gtx. I can ask around if anyone i know has an old card lying around to get me by if they do i may wait.

    If i add 15-20 shipping to 220, + duty and tax to get to me in canada ill be at $300+ no doubt. I normally ship there and drive items back over but thats at least $20 in gas to save the duty and tax etc.
  3. How much are you going to sell the 9800GTX for?
  4. i sold it for $90.. well thats the agreement i plan to drop it off and grab the 470 in one trip and plug her in. :wahoo:
  5. damn you better hurry and sell it for that price until the guy wises up.

    I have a 470 from EVGA and it's great. I also had the 460 which was nice but not quite powerful enough for my gaming (bfbc2) since i like to run everything on max with AA and at 1920x1080.

    I wouldn't buy an EVGA (or other for that matter) card without the warranty because the warranty is great. Be sure to check on the one that does have the receipt if it's already been registered because then you'd have to have that person help you replace it if you need the warranty. Warranties are tied to the first person who bought it retail.
  6. Get the GTX 470. They will each bottleneck. The gtx 470 has extras and will not waste your money
  7. Thanks everyone !!! I almost bought a 5970 2gb for $400 but ended up picking up the Gtx 470 for $220 like new w./box & lifetime warranty and receipt.

    At first I was worried I didn't have the power cables for the 5970 I checked my case and sure enough both my 8 pin pcie cables were unused and ziptied out of the way. It was tempting but 2 470sin sli are better and since I was paying half the 470 won out.

    Hopefully it works lol.. Plugging it in shortly... :)
  8. NICE! BTW Where do you get these sweet deals?
  9. Just about to fire it up I debated on re-routing power cables but settled. This time I got it to fit in the primary slot, this card is about an inch shorter which Is great. I was going to put both my raptors in the lower case but I flipped my top one upside down and the cables now connect just above the card!! Here's a pic!!

  10. I just bomb everyone I can find with offers. I try to be polite and courteous and just ask nicely fo a price Id be happy with. I offer cash within the hour and I'm always willing to drive to their doorstep no matter where within the city. It was worth it I had to travel downtown and raced a Porsche carerra and an audi s5 on the way home and killed them both lol :) I may as well tack that $30 in gas to the price of the card!! You never know some people just want the money right away. I know I'm the same way when i sell stuff.
    Now to plan for a new mobo, ram, and a CPU that won't bottleneck my system...

    video stress test in counter strike source got me double the fps with all settings at absolute maximum ... pretty lame benchmark i know but it showed a huge difference ! :)
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