Hd 5770 hdmi problem

I have recently bought a XFX HD 5770, when I put in HDMI, the PC recognizes that it's there, but my TV won't turn on. When I use DVI to HDMI, all my screens go black.

Now I know the HDMI cable works, I've tried my old graphics card, I know the port on the TV works (used different items)

I have the latest drivers too, is this a faulty graphics card? I have a feeling it is but I want some one to confirm my suspicion.


Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.70GHz
Windows 7 premium
620w PSU
8GB ram (I know overkill)
1.0tb HDD & 500Gb HDD
Creative Sound Card
TV mate tv tuner
XFX HD 5770
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  1. Try to change resoultion in control panel/ displays what resoultion is your TV.?
  2. Tried that, no luck. I was using it with 1920x1080 @ 60Hz on my old card, the new card wont turn on the HDMI now
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