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i keep losing my connection to the internet after 4 days or so.i have to unplug everything and use the setup cd to get back i forgetting something.please help.i have a lynksys router
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  1. You shouldn't need the setup cd. Simply unplugging the power from the router, wait about 10 seconds, then plug it back in should work. That is if its the router causing the problem.
    If the internet doesn't come back then you need to check the ip configuration on the computer and make sure it's correct.
    If your're on Win 7 then I would start by disabling IPv6.
    Do an ipconfig /all and post the results.
  2. Take your modem to your ISP and request a new one, yours is probably faulty. And upgrade the firmware on your router....

    I have seen this far to often... ISP's reissue junk modems to customers, my parents had to go through 3 before the IC would stay up for more than a month. I have gone through 2, now my IC has stayed up for almost 6 months...
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