PNY or EVGA for the GTX 460

I was wondering which of the 2 manufactures would you guys prefer for a GTX 640 1gb verion, PNY or EVGA. People seem to not like PNY's customer service, but im interested in the quality of the card itself. would it be as good of quality as EVGA? meaning i would not even need to use customer services because it would not fail on me.
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  1. Quality?
    Many people are like EVGA more than PNY, their products are good also customer service is great. So, i think it's worth more $ to get EVGA better than PNY. But, if the price different is high then get cheaper one... :)
  2. +1 for EVGA. 5 EVGA cards in a row with 0 problems. Also great forums and brand specific tools like Precision and EVGA Overclock Scanner.
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