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Hd 6870 1gig bs hd 4870 512mb

I have a hd 4870 512mb card and was wondering how much better would a hd 6870 1gig be. I play games like bad company 2. Will I see an increase in frame rate. I'm using a LG 23 in monitor at 1080p

AMD phenom 2 965 be oc 3.8ghz
Asus m4a785g motherboard
6gig ddr2 800 MHz ram
Visiontek hd 4870 512mb
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  1. Yes, that is a worthwhile upgrade!
    Also consider you PSU and other cards.
    GTX 460 1GB $170-220
    GTX 470 $250-320
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    I have a 6870 and a Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.6 GHz and 4 GB of DDR3 1600 MHz RAM and I can play Bad Company 2 at 1080p with all settings at "High", "8x AA" and "16x anisotropic" with no issues. I've never actually measured the frame rate, but it never tears and it never freezes up or slows down with explosions and stuff.
  3. Yes, it's a good upgrade, go for it, or you can ebay your 4870 to buy a brand new 6870.
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