Help! New Built Computer not coming up at all

Hello Everyone,

I just assembled a home built PC. Unfortunately, it is not coming up at all. All I hear is a series of 3 beeps. I cant say exactly where the noise is coming from. The monitor is showing nothing at all (like it's on standby). The DVD rom is not responding to the eject button. The mouse is lighting up but not the keyboard (both are usb)

Specification of system

Motherboard: ASRock M3A770DE

CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 445

Case: IN WIN Stealth Bomber B2

Hard Drive: Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Green SATA Intellipower 64 MB Cache Bulk

PSU: Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W

Graphics card: Sparkle SXX460768D5UNM GeForce GTX 460 768 MB

RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Essentials 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) DDR3-1333 (PC3 10600) Model 996586

Heat Sink: Rosewill RCX-ZAIO-92

What maybe the problem:

I'm not sure of my "System Panel Header" connection. The schematics and notations on the motherboard
(ASRock M3A770DE) does not exactly match the cords from the case (IN WIN Stealth Bomber B2).

I connected the HDD LED cord to the HD LED on the motherboard

I connected the positive (brown or blue) ends of the Power and Reset cord to "PWRBIN#" and "RESET #" spaces.

It maybe possible that I got other things wrong.

Please, would some please help?

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  1. Thanks.
  2. what version of the bios are you using? The beeping on start up may be the fault you need to trouble shoot the boot issue you are having. Usually one short beep is the code for a clean boot and the computer will post and run shortly after. Any other beep code will let you know what isn't working. 3 beeps is usually the ram code I think, but it differs for each bios and motherboard type so you might want to check the manual and see if it has a troubleshooting beep code guide.

    Nm I found the link to their code list

    and 3 beeps is the memory code so I would check and see if the memory is seated in the slots fully... pull it out and push it down so it puts the locks down completely on it's own. (This may require a bit more pushing than you think it should.)
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