Question about processor/RAM matching.

Not sure EXACTLY where to put this. I'm rebuilding my rig, with a mobo that was given to me, a P5QL-VMDO, supporting 800mhz DDR2 ram, as well as 800, 1066 and 1333mhz processors. Due to lack of availability of large-cache LGA775 socket procesors (@800mhz), I'm basically stuck with buying a E5700 Dual Core Processor LGA775 3.0GHZ 2MB 800FSB, or a Q8300 Quad Core Processor LGA775 2.5GHZ Yorkfield 1333FSB 4MB, the differences being the cache size and FSB speed.

The motherboard says is supports 800 1066 and 1333 processors, so I guess my question is, even with the processor and ram being at different speeds, will they play nicely together, ie; at full speed? Greatly appreciated for any help that can be offered!!

(PS, it will be running a 64bit Vista install, and soon after, a Win7 Install)
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  1. The CPU and ram is going to play fine together even at different speeds.
  2. Thank you. I appreciate the help.
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