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Hello, I just build my new system and windows just freezes for no reason, sometimes won't even start. By the way, the memory I got is not on the QVL on the 8GB version but the 4GB is there (F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH), though it should work. Please help me out, thanks in advance.
G.SKILL 8GB 4X2 DDR3-1333 PC31066 (F3-10666CL7D-8GBRH)
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    I take it we are talking about a fresh Windows install!
    Start by going through this guide step by step
  2. run memtest86+ or prime95 blends (do any of these encounter errors)
  3. Thanks man, I've actually adjusted the memory voltage and timing and for now it still on, let's see :)
  4. If they aren't running the timings the manufacturer advertises RMA them, also make sure you are aware the manufacturer might post different timings for AMD systems
  5. I didn't have time last nigh to run any further tests but will do it tonight. I was able to install all updates and drivers, just gotta roll back the latest ATI driver taken from windows update, it's bad; computer was on for few hours and no issues. The timings of the memory I got are the same on the QVL(on the 4Gb version) and on the item details. With BIOS settings on auto it was running on 1.6 V 9,9,9,9,24; problems apparently stopped once I set things up to run at manufacture timings which are 1.5v 7,7,7,7,21. Let's see how is going to be tonight; thanks guys, have a good day :)
  6. It seems ludicrous that memory capable of working at 7,7,7 then has issues at slower timings of 9,9,9...go figure
  7. The amd chipsets have a known issue with working at the higher frequency. <--- a long thread was posted about this on the g-skill forum and one of the gentleman that is a frequent contributor posted a simple guide on what to do to fix this issue. If you raise the voltage, lower the frequency in MHz (if running 1333 or above) and tighten the timing up most people will not see a noticeable difference in performance.
  8. Sup peeps! bad news, it failed prime95, ran for 10 minutes and then windows froze, had to reset the system. Now running memtest86+, not done yet, but the basic windows memory check tool didn't find any problem with the memory. Now I'm ready to RMA something, but I still not sure if it's a memory issue or something wrong with the mobo. I have about 12 days left to return/excange stuff on newegg.
  9. I think It's the RAM, Memtest86+ should come back with errors even if it doesn't the RAM could still likely be the culprit, for best probability RMA both the RAM and Mobo unless memtest86+ comes back with errors then just do the RAM.
  10. It did pass memtest86+ !!!! What if it's the mobo only? I got this ram for good price and I still thinking that it should work, even if is the 4GB what is in the QVL and not the 8GB which I got ... To the hell with this, Joel, I will follow your advice and RMA both, will exchange the mobo and get different RAM. What do you guys think about it??
  11. since it was my suggestion I will approve of it, let's see what the other people think though.
  12. As I'm very stubborn I decided to run the prime95blends test again, each dimm at a time. I have the sense that I got confused while switching them last time I ran the test. This time I set the timming to auto on the BIOS (went back to 9,9,9,24 at 1333), got into windows and it froze just after starting the test; switched back to the another dimm and now the test is running for over 30 minutes already, 1024k and 8k tests passed! Now I'm going to bed and don't want to leave it on, will run it again tomorrow after work, will come back with news tomorrow night, hopefully all this mess is caused by a broken dimm and my stupidity hehehe. Goodnight folks !
  13. hopefully
  14. Guys, I wish to tank you very much for the help. The problems was caused by a falling stick, did the RMA with Newegg, got the replacement and now everything is alright; had to manually adjust the RAM timings to on the BIOS and that's all, my new machine flies ! Just for the records, windows gave it a 7.4% experience index for the processor and 7.5% for the memory without doing any overclocking, I'm very happy. Thanks again :)
  15. Great news enjoy!
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