How bad of a bottleneck?

So, I'm gonna buy a Gigabyte GTX 470 Super Overclock Edition card soon,( [:jaydeejohn:8] ) and I was just wondering: How badly will my i3-540 ( stock 3.06) bottleneck it? I'm not too tech-savy, but I guess I could OC it. Also, i have 4gb RAM. How much would I have to OC it to create a small bottleneck, nothing too hindering to the 470's performance?
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  1. Doubt it, but you could overclock anyway. It would help performance in general and wouldn't take long.
  2. Well, I'm running a small mid-tower case with like, no airflow, so OC is a no-go until I buy either the HAF932 or Antec 1200. [:aford10:1] I just wanted to know because I didn't want to get it, and then not be able to use it to its full potential.
  3. You might get a bottleneck. The GTX 460 hawk would be nice and then you can OC that. :D
  4. Ignore my last comment. Just OC the GTX 470 and the i3. :D :D :D
  5. Isn't the i3 a dual core?
  6. purple stank said:
    Isn't the i3 a dual core?

    Yeah, but it counts as 4 cores in my comp, I think because of hyperthreading? Not sure, but technically, yes, it is a dual-core. :??: I knew it would bottleneck the 470 to a degree, but what should I OC it to if I want to minmize the performance loss? I hear the i3 are amazing at OC.
  7. Yes, the i3 is great for overclocking.However overclocking calls for a good CPU cooler and a case with good airflow.But you dont need an expensive full tower case like the Antec 1200 or the HAF 932.You could get a good mid tower case like the HAF 912 for 60$.
  8. I think it says 2 physical prosscessors and 2 logical prossecors.It is newer than any other dual core tho.Only thing that really matters in Overclocking is keeping the temperature low.Go buy alot of fans.I don't know how Intel O.C work,AMD has an overlock tool you can download making it a lot easier.Maybe Intel has one too?
  9. You overclock the processor in the bios (blue screen before operating system boots). Maybe you should read up a little on it before trying to change anything in the bios though, you could do damage.
    BTW even though it's a dual-core, it's still very fast. It's Intel's newest architecture and 3ghz is pretty fast.
  10. Yeah, I've read a little about it here and there,but I'll probably read a full guide on it later. I just want to wait until I can get a good case, like the Antec 1200, because right now I have a Coolermaster 310 Elite and its airflow is sub-par. [:boudy]
  11. You know the antec 1200 is a full-size case right? It's gigantic... fits 13 hard drives... Something like the 900 or 902 would probably work better. I have the 300 and love it, but I've only got a 5750.
    I was just looking on antec's site... the Lanboy case has pretty good airflow, but I doubt you'd want something with more porous than solid surfaces.
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