System hangs upon boot with GT240 inserted

Firstly, here are the important components of my system:

HP a1514n

Motherboard: ECS Asterope2 RC410-M

Processor: Pentium D 945 (Upgrade)

RAM: 2gb DDR2 (Upgrade)

Brand new 730W Power Supply (Upgrade)

Windows XP Pro (Upgrade, not the HP "Media Center" release)

I am attempting to install an EVGA Nvidia Geforce GT240 PCI-E card. While inserted in the PCI-E slot, my computer will not boot. It gets to the blue HP screen then freezes. I have the most recent BIOS update (3.24) and I've also enabled PCI-E in the BIOS configuration. I have also tried a CMOS reset.

The fan on the card spins.

A friend suggested my weak 300W power supply was causing the problem. So I bought a nice 730W from Newegg, installed it...and the problem still exists. The power supply works great though.

I have attempted to install the graphics drivers before inserting the card, but it will not let me install them. I receive an error message stating that there is no compatible hardware installed. I have also attempted to completely wipe the onboard ATI graphic drivers. This also did not work. I even completely reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP Pro.

I have no other PCI-E equipped systems to test it out in.

So, with that being said, does anyone have any additional suggestions other than that the card may be bad?
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  1. Have you turned off the on board GFX in the BIOS ?
  2. Yep, made no difference.
  3. The only possibility is that the card is bad.RMA it.
  4. Take the card out and re-seat it in the slot. Check if it is a pcie 2.1 card. it may not be compatable with your pcie 1.x motherboard. you need a 2.0 card. Also, you have connected the extra power connector right?
  5. Tried all that, the card is fully compatible with my system. I don't have another PCI-E card, or another rig to test it in. The seller only accepts returns if the card has been tested bad by some sort of tech center, and a copy of the report is received along with the return. Unfortunately we do not have any kind of computer businesses where I live, therefore it looks like I'm stuck with a dead card.
  6. dont return it to the seller then. return to the manufacturer.
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