Will another gtx 768mb in sli will be ok..?

I bought this Msi Cyclone Gtx 460 768mb 2 months back, now i'm planning to get another one...But I've heard that the 768mb memory will not be enough for future games.. I cant afford to get the 1 gb version now as im still a student.. So should i still go with the 768mb or reconsider going with another lower 5770 1gb crossfire,Gts 450 1gb or any suggesstion price lower than the gtx 460 1gb version.... Playing in 23" monitor 1920x1080 native resolution..
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  1. Only in resolutions over full HD will cause performance drops.Otherwise, another GTX 460 768 MB is very good for that resolution.
  2. thank you for the reply, i guess i'll go for 768mb sli then....i currently have Coolermaster Gx550 with single +12v rail upto 44A Psu.. you think i could run them with this Psu.. other sytems we i5 750(stock speed,hyper 212 plus, 2 120mm fan) 1HDD, i DVD drive, i intake 120mm and exhaust 120mmfan..
  3. Yeah, it should work.
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