Broken memory slot or what?

After messing around with my computer for a whole day because of multiple reseating of heatsink, I was finally ready to use it again.
I was using my computer for about 30 minutes and when I opened a folder, the computer froze and when I restarted it the computer did not boot and made 3 beeps.

After switching memory sticks (2GB) a couple of times and some trial and errors between my three ram slots, I finally think that the ram slot Channel A has a problem. I tried each of my three sticks of ram on Channel A alone and the computer always gave three beeps. I can boot with 4 gig of ram installed on Channel B and C.

Do you think I am right that the Ram slot A is the reason for this? I have overclocked the memory frequency a little bit, could that be an issue?
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  1. I entered into the bios with one ram on Channel C and adjusted the memory settings back to default which is 1066mhz 7-7-7-19 and 1.54V. The memory stick are rated to run at 1333mhz. After doing that I installed a ram on the Channel A slot. (Channel A and C both have ram installed but no in Channel B). The computer just beeped again three times.
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