Yo guys, as you can tell I'm a newbie to this forum/Website. But, all that aside, I'm here to be enlightened on my new build.

So before the enlightenment begins, I gotta let you in on some background Info:
My old rig I got, when I was 13, Is dead, done. It contained;
*1gb DDR/400 MHz
*AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939/3000+ 2.1 GHz processor
*Western Digital 200 GB Hard Drive
*Generic Branded 350 watt PSU
*Micro ATX PCI Express 16.0, DDR Capable Motherboard
*And a DVD-R/RW-CD-R/RW drive

Not a bad Build to begin with eh? But it was pre-built by Compaq, so not worth the 600+ Dollars.

My new build, named (The Prodigy/Prodigy 1);

*ASUS PSP67 Motherboard, with DDR3 Support OC up to 2200Mhz I believe

*Intel Core i5 SandyBridge, Unlocked. Stock 3.3 GHz, gonna OC to 4.7-5.0 Ghz LGA 1155

*Corsair Series H50 Water Cooler for PCU

*Seagate Barracuda SATA II , at 7200 RPM
*XFX HD 5850 1gb, Possibly Black Edition.
*HP Internal SATA DVD writer
*NZXT Lexa S Case
*Patriot Sector 5, 4gb DDR3 Timed at CAS; 9-9-9-24 Intervals. 1600 Mhz, I plan to OC up to 2200 MHz baby! So help me with that.
*Thanks to Hastibe, I'mma get the Cooler Master Modular 700W power supply-80$ 850$, my Budget is now around 870$, please try not to consider Items over that!
So, Please tell me whether You have ANY suggestions that can go within my limitations as to What I can do to improve my build. Thank, If you Have any ignorant feed back, You can shut the *** up :D
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  1. Might just be me, but I'm not familiar with the Ultra-brand PSU--you might want to go with a "known good" PSU brand, like Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, or Enermax. See here for more details:
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