CrossfireX Help!!

I bought another ATI 4830 to go into Crossfire with my other 4830.

It worked fine at first time, no problems at all, played a few games and it worked.

But after i shutdown the computer and start it back up again, i noticed that Crossfire is no longer working at Device Manager report's only 1 card is detected.

The second card i bought to go crossfire, no longer heats up, but the fan spins just fine on it.

So i took my first 4830 out and left my second card in it's current slot, i booted up and it works like normal, so i tried my first pcie slot and it also works fine as normal.

So when i put my first 4830 back in to go crossfire, i have the same problem once again.

Both of the slot's work fine on both of the card if 1 is just plugged in, but when 2 are plugged in, the second card no longer works. Please Help!!!!! lol

My specs are >>
AsRock M3A770DE - 1.70 Latest BIOS
AMD Phenom X6 1055T OC 3.5GHz
1 XFX Radeon 4830 - 1 Force3D Radeon 4830
CrossFireX capable motherboard.
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  1. I would check your BIOS settings to see if something was inadvertently changed and also your drivers. Probably drivers, they are often an issue in crossfire/sli setups.
  2. If they worked before, and separated, cards fine therefore check the latest driver, and maybe bios option as buzz. suggested.
  3. You might also check to make sure the cards are seated well. If they aren't snapping into place, gravity can help pull them out of the slot enough to not be registered.
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