2.00gb usable help!

Hello TH,

im so annoyed this evening that i intalled a 1024gb of ram in my pc..

m1: 2048 PC2-6400 ddr ram...
m2: none-

m1: 2048 PC2-6400 ddr2 ram...
m2: 1024 PC2-5300 ddr2 ram..

the problem is..
when i boot on the bios it clearly detects all on its memory bank... :sweat:
it boot clean and smooth... :sweat:

when i see the computer properties..

memory 3.00GB(2.00 usable) :fou:

how can i use the 1gb ive installed?
in resourse monitor
the 1gb is on hardware reserve..

i have dedicated gpu... HD 5570 1gb
MS-7252 (boston gl6) MOBO

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