Is it possible to use quadro fx4800 and gtx 580 in SLI mode if both have the same core?. One of the graphic card for dessign and the other for video and games. ¿ Es posible utilizar una placa gráfica quadro fx4800 y una gtx 580 en modo SLI utilizando el mismo núcleo y usar una para diseño y la otra para video o videojuegos?.Gracias.
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  1. No, you can't.
  2. ^+1 they use different drivers
  3. And the FX4800 has 192 cores whilst the 580 has a couple more.
  4. ^ and that. I don't think they would even work in non-sli would they because of the different drivers.
  5. I wouldn't like to cough up the cash to try it but XP and W7 should be able to handle two different drivers.
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