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Is there a big difference in quality between HDMI & DVI-D picture contrast? And wouls there be any point in choosing one over the other for gaming?

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  1. No difference what so ever. HDMI is essentially just single link DVI with audio. That is why you can get a DVI to HDMI cable so cheap, it is a pin to pin cable.
  2. I would think that DVI is better because DVI is soloy made for the purpose of video.
  3. ^I think you meant to say HDMI is better. DVI just came out first. HDMI just uses it along with audio in a different connector. DVI Dual Link has an advantage over HDMI as it has double the bandwidth. That is why 120Hz monitors require dual link. You are pumping twice the data. 120Hz TVs do not receive 120Hz, they just refresh the display 120 time a second and do its own image processing. The image is not being updated at 120hz.
  4. Thank you for your information, so in other words having just bought a new GPU with the ability to connect both HDMI and DVI, it would be easier and cheaper to buy a good sized monitor with just a DVI port then?
  5. yah i think it's wasy cheaper to buy a monitor with only DVI and RGB ports,Don't know why you would need an HDMI port on a monitor.Those HDMI ports on the graphics cards are great for buying a long cable and hooking it up to an HDTV and playing your games or watching movies on a huge screen.
  6. Alot of displays that have speakers use HDMI so you get the sound to them to. Just use whatever cable you have, DVI or HDMI, unless you want audio to your display.
  7. I guess that could be useful if your monitor has speakers.If you have never done it you shoudl try using the HDMI on an HDTV if you have one
  8. Thanks guys, I now know what to do, thank you both!!!
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