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Dear Community,

I have been patiently attempting to build a budget machine to run WoW Cataclysm well, and am looking for some advice. I currently have an old Gateway mini-tower that I have put some upgrades in and would like to keep some of the pieces and use them for the new build. I would like to play WoW Cata (prefferably in window-mode, so I can alt-tab to the Internet and Zune media player (on a 2nd monitor). As for the resolution I would like to play at 1920x1080 at reasonable 60 fps, Ultra settings would be nice but being able to run it at 60 fps period would be nice being as I'm used to play at less than 30 fps on my old Intel P4. I will list the components I own already and I am hoping for someone to recommend a CPU/Motherboard/Memory/Graphics Card solution to go w/ it. If any of the components are unsuitable, I would like recommendations for them as well. Fairly open to criticism. Thanks in advance! Oh and random note, I would prefer to not have an onboard audio solution, past experiences have been faulty... and a quad-core type CPU, no real preference which ATI/Nvidia or Intel/AMD, just what will do best for the money. I would like to not spend more than another $400-500 if i can help it, not including a better graphics card which I may buy at a later date. Anyhow, thanks for the read. If you need more information, as I've likely forgotten something, please ask me!

Main Monitor = acer H213H 21.5" Wide LCD Monitor

Secondary Monitor = Dell 1908FP 19" LCD

Graphics Card = XFX ATI Radeon HD 4350 1GB GDDR2 - this was a bad idea, and I would like to replace it w/ something that works better, the power supply I will list has a PCI-E connector so that won't be a problem on a new card.

PSU = Corsair GS700 (700watt)

Case = Antec Three Hundred Versatile Mini Tower
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  1. ^ Not including graphics card ?? IMO your PC first needs that if you want to play at High settings,... Do you have HDDs, ODD ? So you just need CPU + Mobo + RAM and ??
  2. are you going to be reusing the 4350
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    CPU + Mobo
    Phenom II X4 955 + ASUS 870 EVO with SATA 6GB/s and USB3.0

    RAM -
    GSKillz 4GB DDR3

    GPU -
    MSI Hawk GTX 460 1GB

    GTX 460's WoW performance, also note that the above card's performance would be better than the standard 460's performance because of the overclock,2793-5.html
  4. I have two 250 GB sata HDDs (Western Digital and Seagate) and I don't really wanna use the graphics card again, just might not be able to buy all the pieces at once, my income is tight currently so I buy a few piece at a time... I'm pretty sure my LG DVD-RW is an IDE interface (or w/e its called). But that pieces you posted look like they would finish me off just fine, minus a sound card if needed. Will i be able to run Internet Explorer and DVD or Zune media player as well as WoW -- just curious I like to listen to music and watch movies as well as look up random nerd notes while playing or waiting in Dungeon queues or what not! Thanks for the quick reply!! :)

    Oh and random thoughts again, can any of that be over-clocked? What kind of CPU cooler should I look at? My case has a 140mm fan on top, PSU has a fan on it, two 120mm fans (one in front by drive bays and one on the side of the case)... Again, awesome reply time!

    P.P.S. If the MB doesn't support the IDE DVD-RW drive thats ok, I can always buy another one plus I have an extern USB one sitting around somewhere that I could use in the mean time if need be.
  5. ^ Onboard sound has improved a lot with the current gen board, so I doubt you would need a sound card, anyways if you feel the need, you can add 1 later on,...

    4GB of RAM would generally suffice, but say you have opened IE with many tabs, zune player and in crowded areas in WoW, then there might be a slight lag and again I say MIGHT and not WILL as it might just be fine, as there is about 1GB of RAM on the graphic card too...

    And Yes, the CPU can be overclocked to say 3.8GHz with this cooler -
    And the Antec 300 is a pretty good one and with those fans, has more than enough airflow,...
    You can overclock the graphics a bit too, but just make sure to check the temps of both the CPU and GPU while doing so,...
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  7. Thank you for your advice, I look forward to purchasing the pieces and building it! I'll come back if I need more help... thanks again!

    ~ Sorcerer Merlin.
  8. ^ Good Luck,...
  9. Cata heroics are hard.
  10. No realistically they were hard three weeks ago, now they are trivial compared to when we first started them. :) Don't worry, they'll get easier.

    Mordotz 85 Goblin Warlock
  11. I just realized they aren't that hard, unless you party with idiots.
    Made one yesterday it went well no one died.
    The heroics got buffed, there is less trash to kill and boss are less aggressive.
    85 Blood Elf Frost Mage :)
    iLevel 340 and going up :)
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