Weard problem with Linksys WRT54GL wifi-router


I'm really in trouble and was hoping some of you can help me here :??:

Problem is that through wifi-connection it can't find our internal server "server-x". Another internal server and all other things are working (internet, e-mail etc.)

But with LAN-cable it shows "server-x" with no problem.

It seems that it is DNS issue, because using wifi, "server-x" ip-address is pingable.

Router configuration is static ip. DNS addresses entered are the same that "ipconfig /all" showed with

What could be the problem. I have really no clue what to do :(

Thanks in advance...
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  1. What OS?

    On your computer have you tried to delete the wireless profile and then connect to the router again?
  2. Windows 7 and XP

    Have tried what you suggested but with no result :(
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