Sapphire 4870 to Sparkle gtx 470... worth the upgrade?


I've been running off of my 4870 a while, and was interested in working my way into 3d gaming eventually. I originally planned on getting a 6870, but after finding out that monitors weren't readily available, I looked to Nvidia. 480s still seem expensive to me, so I went down a notch to the still-impressive 470s. There's a Sparkle on sale for $250, but wasn't sure if I'd be getting that much more performance for the money. Again, I plan on getting into 3d gaming EVENTUALLY. This would just be the first step, as I don't have a proper monitor nor the Nvidia glasses yet. Any pros/cons to the upgrade are greatly appreciaited. I've also heard that the Nvidias tend to suck more power than the AMDs, and I was curious what people would suggest as a PSU. Also, my mobo pick was dependned on me getting an AMD graphics card. I tend to favor Asus mobos(just preference from my experience with them). Are there any equivalent mobos that would support an AMD processor and Nvidia graphics card?

My current build:

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
MSI 880gma mobo
AMD 1055T hex-core(not o/ced)
1x 1TB HDD Sata300
1x 320GB HDD Sata300
1x Dvd-r/w
1x Sapphire 4870(standard I guess)
2 Gbs of DDR3 1333 Ram

I plan my future build as being:

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Asus Crosshair IV <------------------------------------------Good for Crossfire but what Asus board has the same performance but designed for SLi?
AMD 1055T hex-core(not o/ced)
1x 1TB HDD Sata600
1x 1TB HDD Sata300
1x Dvd-r/w
GPU????<----------------------------------------------------Main issue
2 Gbs of DDR3 2000 Ram

Forgot to mention. It doesn't have to be Asus. I just prefer that if someone knows of a compatible board. Also, I was hoping to get a board with sata600 and usb3.0 capabilities.
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  1. Quote:
    motherboards can support any card and some motherboards can support crossfire and sli. so don't worry about that.
    we'll find one of those.
    think about adding a SSD this time and not two bigger HDD's.
    also 4GB's of RAM and if not overclocked then not need for 2000MHz, 1600MHz will be sufficient.
    AMD by defaults runs 1333MHz like you already have, you can just get a matching set and run 4GB of those.
    nVidia is slightly more power hungry than ATi but better in overall quality and per performance.
    I do not recommend the Sparkle brand .!! No.
    I suggest you look for another GTX 470 on sale or even just SLI 2- GTX460's.
    Corsair, XFX, Rosewill and Antec are some good power supply manufacturers.

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that AMDs run default at 1333 mhz, I appreciate the heads up. That being the case, would having tri-channel as opposed to dual-channel memory make much of a difference?

    Out of curiousity, why not Sparkle? Just as a sidenote, Palit, Asus, and MSI all have 470s at around 260 right now. Would upgrading to a gtx470 from a 4870 be worth the $260? Again, my hopes were to get a 3d capable card that I could hold onto for over a year or two, as I don't know how long it will take me to get setup for 3D. Currently, I can play most games fine, and I have 0 stability issues with my card. Multi-460s are a bit out of my price range, as I'm trying to stay under 275 for the card.

    For a PSU, I was eyeballing either a Corsair tx850 for an XFX 850 black edition. Both are fairly cheap.

    As for the HD, from what I could see, the SSDs cost quite a bit of money for much less storage space, and I literally have over 300gbs of games installed at any given time. And I actually do get around to playing them all pretty regularly.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. I'm gonna glance over these boards and report back if I make a decision.
  3. The ATI 4870 is equivalent to the GTX 260 Core 216.

    2 x GTX 260's in SLI are equivalent to the GTX 470. :) I know, I used to have 260's in SLI, and put in a GTX 470 myself. Benchmarks are basically the same.

    So, that being said, the GTX 470 as a single card upgrade from a single ATI 4870 is a good jump in performance.

    As for Power Supplies, the Corsair stuff would be my preference over XFX. I just put a Corsair TX650 in my wife's system, and a Corsair 400W in my in-laws computer last night. :)
  4. @malmetal: Sparkle isn't that bad. But if it's not their Calibre series or the 2gb GTX460 you might just as well be getting a stock card(like most Zotac cards). I've had a Sparkle crad for 5 years and it still runs flawlessly, never had a problem with it, EVER. But this time I'm going MSI Hawk.

    Most newer motherboards(e.g. for a cheaper or rather inexpensive solution the MSI P55-GD65 is good(or the P55A-GD65 if you want USB 3.0 and 6gb/s SATA). But @malmetal gave links ;)
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