Gonna need a Tech Genius to figure this problem out. Please help lol!

Specs: 1055t, 4x2GB rip jaws, 5850 (have 2 and in attempt to crossfire them, with no luck), antec 850 watts, 1 m4 ssd 2 hdd, 2 mobos msi 870a and gigabyte 990fxa

Question! What could cause a computer to freeze/not respond than crash and not post OR not find the SSD?

To eliminate possibilities here is some facts.

1. This happened randomly when nothing was changed.
2. Fresh install of windows
3. Computer has been re-wired 3 times with 2 different mobo's
4. Psu was stress tested with burn in Application
5. This problem is random but usually within 15-45 minutes of power on
6. Each stick of ram has been tested individually with orthos and prime95
7. SSD has the OS on it
8. PROGRAMS are not downloading very well, and firefox crashes a WHOLE lot.

Can the graphics card do this? When I installed the new 5850 to crossfire, the graphics driver acts like it wants to crash/freeze the computer than recovers with a message. I cant seem to get crossfire to activate on it, crossfire bridge is on correctly.

I personally thought it was the mobo thats why I bought and wasted $170 on a new one. Now Im leaning on SSD. But when I use utilities it says my drive is 100% and will last for another 8 years (this drive is in ahci mode)

PLEASE HELP! Im sick and am spending my whole weekend attempting to fix this crap!
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  1. So all my programs open just stopped responding. Firefox, origin which was Dling BF3, and my computer.

    Cursor worked but couldnt open anything than it blue screened.

    Edit: In the process of swapping the old mobo out to return it. Gonna install the os on an old slow HDD.

    While im gone anything I can do to make 100% sure its the ssd or ram?
  2. What video drivers are you currently running? When did you do your fresh install of Windows?
  3. Last night. 11.11 and 11.12 dont work for Crossfire. Ima tackle the Crossfire after yet another fresh os install.
  4. Not having my SSD sucks HARD! Seeing if my errors replicate with this old fashioned HDD.

    I feel like when I RMA either the ram or SSD they will never think its broken. Because the errors are so random.
  5. Try increasing the RAM voltage. It solved a similar problem for me and several other people in a few other threads.
  6. Im on my HDD and no problems. When BF3 finishes dling and it doesnt crash than ima rma my ssd tonight. I hope thats what it is.
  7. Strip down the computer to its barest as possible (1 stick of RAM, iGPU if you can etc.) and keep adding things one at a time until you can identify what kills it. It's the scientific method :).

    Also, long time no see mate ;).
  8. looks like it was the ssd amdfangirl.

    Sure there wasnt a setting needed for the ssd you forgot about chaos? i've yet to cross that bridge my self with ssd drives so i wouldnt know, but just incase.
  9. WTF my reply disappeared.

    Any way no time no see. Been 2-3 years? We sure been here awhile.

    Downloads got screwed up and made it more clear on the culprit. Im 99% certain its the SSD now.

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