Would new card boost old Dell?

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 that has been a real workhorse for years but either it's slowing down or I'm getting faster in my old age because it seems to be taking longer and longer to do simple tasks.

I do no gaming. I run a small web store and use the computer to maintain the website (not as a server, just for image processing, page design and maintenance). I typically have 12 or more programs running, including Photoshop Elements, which may have up to 20 images open a once. I use BulletProof FTP to upload files to the server and it's now taking from 10 to 12 seconds to just change directories on my hard drive in that program.

I've already maxed out my old RD RAM to 2GB. I really dread moving to a new computer and wondered if a new graphics card would give my computer a needed boost of speed.

Here' are some system specs:
os: WinXP SP2
processor: Intel Pentium4 190Ghz
graphics: NVidia GeForce2 MX
monitor: 15" Dell Trinitron

Could a better graphics card speed up this old beast, and if so, which one would you recommend?
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  1. It's like a 10 year old system, it's pretty much given all it can, move on.

    The 9.5 year old D8250 that I gave my niece died this week, she'll be looking for another freebie.
  2. Or if you cannot move on...
    Download Ccleaner and install.
    First delete as many files and images as possible, transfering those you wish to keep elsewhere, such as a recordable DVD.
    Uninstall any software you do not use.
    Then run the Windows Disc Cleanup tool to remove more accumulated unwanted material.
    Check you have no files on the desktop, Windows checks them for integrity, slowing it down, so move them into the root directory of the C drive.
    Now run Ccleaner to remove any furter garbage but CHECK EVERY FILE it is going to delete.
    Run Ccleaner again, this time for the Registry and make SURE you allow it to backup the changes.
    Run the Windows Defragmenter Tool, this will take a long...Long time so be patient.
    you may already have done this, I do n't know how much you know but it's surprising how many users do not know how to do this ;)
    The above should help speed things up but you are expecting a lot from such an old system, ease up on its workload: Have fewer images open and close programs you're not using.
    It might be better to install a second hard drive for data rather than changing graphic cards. According to the Dell documentation the Dimension 8200 has the older IDE connectors.
    All the above is just delaying the inevetable, though; you really should move on.
  3. 10 to 12 seconds to change directories is an overall System / Hard Drive problem. Even if you could/did put a video card in, it's not going to help with that kind of problem.

    As others suggested, this computer really needs to be completely replaced.

    However, Coozie has given good information to help speed up what you already have. Over time, crap develops in your system's hard drive and system files. This slows things down tremendously.

    The kind of multitasking it sounds like you're doing, is a pretty heavy workload for such an old computer.
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