1920x1080 screen resolutions in Cod4 and Cod Black ops

I have just made a fresh install of 32-bit Windows 7 and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. Installed and fired up Black ops but I'm limitted in the graphics options I can use and can't see the 1920x1080 resolution in the list, but just assumed this was some kind of bug that would be patched at some point.

Got bored with playing at 1024 x 768 and decided to have a game of Cod4, installed a new version, patched it up to 1.7, but same problem, I don't seem to be able to choose 1920x1080 in the graphics options.

I have a GTX 285 graphics card, the native resolution of my monitor is 1920x1080 and I have had no problem playing COD4 in this resolution in Xp or 64-bit W7.

Help, can anyone suggest how i can get CODs to show me a full range of monitor resolutions?


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  1. Are you sure you are up to date with the gpu driver ?
    Have you got all updates installed?
  2. Does Windows recognize your monitor's ability to display @ 1920x1080? Because if Windows won't recognize that, then the games likely wont' either. In that case, you probably need to reinstall your nVidia drivers, motherboard drivers, etc. Run Windows Update as well and see if there's any patches.

    Sometimes even rebooting might do the trick.

    This sounds more like a Windows System / Driver issue to me.
  3. I've got the latest graphics 260.89 driver, checked in the display adaptor properties that its taken. Windows is fully up to date. My monitor is displaying 1920x1080 in windows. I keep reinstalling and rebooting. I have to admit i'm stumped.

    My next option is to reformat and reinstall windows, but I'm trying to avoid that.

  4. If Windows is displaying @ 1920x1080 then you're fine there. I would not worry about formatting. Especially since you JUST did a fresh install. I'm not quite sure why COD isn't showing the right resolution options.

    Couple things to try:

    1) Download and Install the most recent DirectX redistributable from Microsoft.

    2) If all else fails, go into nVidia control panel and use the drivers to force COD to operate at 1920x1080 resolution. (Granted I'd really prefer not go to this route)

    3) You can always check the COD forums and see if there's a known problem with this particular issue.
  5. Btw, latest driver is 260.99..
    No big difference betw 260.89, Try it though-
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