Asrock 870 extreme3 or asrock 880g extreme3 or gigabyte ga 880 ga ud3h

for my new gaming rig i have chose the following motherboards

asrock 870 extreme3
asrock 880g extreme3
gigabyte ga 880 ga ud3h
i have no idea of what motherboard to chose!!

i have chosen the following components to my gaming rig.

amd phenom ii x4 955 be
ati radeon hd 5770
4 gb ram
500 gb hard

what board to chose ?? please help!!
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  1. All of the above bards will likely be within 1% of each other in gaming performance....

    CHoose based on features, ease of use, numbers of slots, features you think you might use, or, price.....
  2. BUT which one is better in gaming??
  3. asrock 870 extreme3. FTW
  4. The 2 Asrock ones are the same except the 880G has onboard graphics which you don't need
  5. the asrock 880 g has 3 pci slots?? what about it??

    please tell me about the future upgradability of these boards!! thanx!
  6. yeah 3 pci slots. but the third will run on x4 which will bottleneck your card big time. just stay with the 870. you wouldnt need the graphics2 and x8/x8 is enough for xfire.
  7. all right!! thanx! does anyone have more suggestions???
  8. i have the gigabyte 890 GPA ud3h 890 gx in my mind too!! can someone please suggest me better motherboards for the same price range of the gigabyte 890 GPA ud3h 890 gx!!
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