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I would like to start off by saying I know that this is the wrong place to put this but, I've tried putting it where it belongs but I haven't gotten a reply, and I need one as soon as possible.

My monitor keeps getting a black screen right when I turn on my computer, basically when I turn it on I see windows start up for half a second then i get the black screen while my monitor is still on

Now I just recently built a computer, put it all together a couple days ago, the same thing happens, I haven't installed anything not even windows 7 yet, but when I turn on the computer I get the black screen again I can't install windows

My brother and his friend think its the graphics card, but when I built my new computer the black screen continued to happen. If i turn off and on my monitor I get to see my screen for half a second then it just goes black again.

Yes I did check the cables for the monitor, I even plugged it into my laptop and the same thing happened to the monitor

So I was wondering.. what is causing the problem? my brother thinks theres something wrong with the new parts i've bought, I think that its the monitor thats causing the black screen.. which one is it?!

sorry if this is all over the place or doesn't really make sense, was in a rush in writing this.
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  1. See if the image is just there and the backlight is out, use a flashlight if you're not sure. It sounds like a faulty backlight in the monitor to me.

    You could always hook the monitor up to another working pc and it does it there then you know for sure its the monitor.
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