Bios temperature offset

Hi there.

I've just put together my first PC.

I've got a couple of questions I hope you can help with but I'll post them separately.

My first question concerns the temp reading in bios.

My CPU temperature reading at startup reads 40 C. This is within 5-10 seconds of starting from cold (the time it takes me to press power on and get into the relevant part of bios)

The temperature will eventually rise to 50 C and will not go above that.

Room temp is 15 C tops, and just to be clear that 40 C is from a dead cold start.

I'm guessing this can't be right. Any idea what I should be offsetting, or what it should read pretty much instantly after I fire her up?

I can't put the system under load as I do not have an OS installed yet.


Processor AMD X4 955 (not overclocked)
Motherboard is MCP61M-M3
2 sticks of 2gig generic DDR3
HD5850 GPU
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  1. Your room is only 15C? Thats only 60F which is pretty cold for a room are you sure on that?

    BIOS readings are generally as accurate as you can get, and for it to get up to 50C tells me either a sensor on your chip is bad, you have almost no airflow in your case, or your heatsink isnt properly installed.

    What case do you have and are you sure that your heatsink is properly seated and locked in?
  2. Hi Hunter

    Yeah I'm pretty sure the room temp is 15C. It's 4C outside and I'm in Northern England. I also have a window open as I'm smoking.

    Last night the readings were the same, although the ambient temperature was around 22C.

    Basically it is reading 40.0C instantly, from dead cold.

    After 20-30 minutes the temp goes up by 8-10 degrees and stays there.

    I'm guessing that for some reason it is reading the start-up temperature incorrectly. However the 8-10 degree increase seems reasonable (although I might be wrong)

    Oh, and the system temperature is always much cooler than the CPU temp (by 20 degrees or so)

    Any idea what it should read 5 seconds after I switch it on?

    Here are some other specs

    Processor AMD X4 955 (not overclocked)
    Motherboard is MCP61M-M3
    2 sticks of 2gig generic DDR3
    HD5850 GPU
    Coolermaster GX650 PSU
    1 x 100m case fan
    1 x artic cooling case fan
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