Question....My CPU is a I7-950 intel, GPU is SLI GTX 460, PSU 1250, and 6gigs of ram......Is it at all possible while "Gameing" (No Overclocking) Current titles, that my computer would over heat?? I have always check the temps and they all are in 40 to 50's range.....I'm asking because some of the games (Older titles) tend to crash to my desk top or freeze during game play.....

Thank you.
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  1. Could be SLI driver issues for older games.
  2. Yep that's what I was thinking as well.....How can I address this issue while playing older titles???
  3. Isn't there some way to make custom profiles in the driver control panel for games where you can turn off SLI just for that game?
  4. Well what I have done is played the game in "Compatibility" mode for "Vista" and it seems to work for sometime, and then it either Freezes on me or Crashes to my desk top......Oh well I suppose it'll be something to put up with until I'm finished with these Old Titles...

    Thank You.
  5. Points:
    1) Test those same games with one card removed (no SLI)
    2) run Memtest to test your System RAM
    3) run a 3DMark benchamark in a loop for at least an hour to see if your system is stable
    4) if you have a stock CPU heatsink I'd replace it. This shouldn't affect stabilty but the noise is far, far lower. You must ensure that your CPU heatsink fan is plugged into the correct motherboard slot and that the BIOS is set properly. An incorrect setting means the fan will run at 100% always. (My BIOS was set to "Auto" which didn't work. I manually changed it to "Voltage" and it then controlled the fan)
  6. Thank you for your help...
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