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HD 5770 resolutions problems

I installed my Radeon HD 5770 GPU on my desktop.

but the maximum resolutions i can get to is 1600x 1050, is there anyways i can change it to a higher resolutions?

I already installed the drivers. and had them updated.
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  1. What's your max(native) monitor resolution?
  2. 1680 x 1050 <-- the highest i can change to right now (and it has recommended) beside it.

    and addition information: i have a 21.6 inches monitor.
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    You've got your answer right there. If the monitor displays that message or in desktop settings it says that is the recommended resolution it means it is the highest. Witch means your monitor does not support higher resolutions. For higher resolutions you need a new monitor that can support higher resolutions. Unless there is a problem with the monitor itself. What model is it?
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  5. thanks ^^
  6. You're welcome.
  7. That's probably the correct answer, but you didn't answer his question on what monitor you have. There has been cases were the monitor was not correctly read by Windows, resulting in it's native resolution not being seen.

    What is your monitor?
  8. aren't some monitors friendly with hardware scaling scaling larger resolutions down to the functional max resolution. or did i just dream that?
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