Good virus scan / backup programs?

Would like to purchase a Virus protection program along with a backup utility, used avg before along with avast. Looking for one that doesn't hog resources and screw with gaming. What do you guys use that you have no issues with?

Also looking to start backing up my computer but dont care about the built in win 7 option, what would you guys recommend please?

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  1. use microsoft security essentials, its not really built in, you have to download it, but that is good virus protection, and why not? low resource usage, and created by the same people who made windows 7 so naturally it will be faster and less of a hog. It has frequent updates to its database, and its also a resident adware/spyware/malware shield for when your surfing the internet

    far as a backup util goes, ive never messed with any of those- a real good backup utility would be something that can just clone your hard drives id probably look into something like that
  2. Avira is one of the best. Either you purchase a package which includes some other elements besides antivirus including antimalware or it is free for only antivirus.
  3. The best free virus scan+removal in my opinion is MalwareBytes because it's free and it can remove virus...
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    Great reading -- Do Antivirus Suites Impact Your PC's Performance?
    U can use Avast along with Malwarebytes and Comodo Firewall that is free, but got great results in defending your PC. And u can configure it to your satisfaction with ease.

    Avast! -- Free Antivirus
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -- helps you defeat Malware once and for all
    SUPERAntiSpyware -- Advanced Detection and Removal
    Comodo Internet Security -- The best free Firewall
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    And that one will do ^^^ +1 area51reopened
  6. For antivirus, run Microsoft Security Essentials. It uses one of the best anti-virus engines on the market (either bitdefender's or kasperky's, i can't for the life of me remember which). It's very lightweight on resources, and tightly integrates with Windows. It's a Microsoft product, and it's free because a couple of years back Microsoft went absolutely APESHIT on viruses and other malware and is waging a holy war against it. It's what I use and it doesn't interfere with gaming at all, unlike other commercial anti-virus programs.

    Other than what I suggested, be careful with free Anti-virus programs. Some are malware disguised as anti-virus, and others (avast, avg) might as well be adware for all the hassle they will cause you in trying to upsell you on their paid version.

    for backup, try using Windows backup and restore. Search for that from the start menu. It's not as fully featured as some commercial third party products, but what it does it manages very well. Considering it's free with Windows and it's very efficient, I would try that and see if it fits your needs before spending money on other software, or messing around with free bullshit. Very little free software is good, and much is very harmful.
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